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How to File a Claim with SCE

To file a claim with the Edison Company, please visit or mail/fax a letter and provide us with the nature and extent of your claim. Include the date, time and location of damage, and your name, address, account number and daytime telephone number(s).


Please provide copies of repair estimates, invoices, proofs of purchase, or other supporting documentation. If Edison accepts liability for a property damage claim, we will reimburse you for either the repair cost, replacement cost, or the actual cash value, whichever is less. This is not an admission of liability or an indication that Southern California Edison is responsible for your damages.


Phone:                        1.800.251.3311


Fax:                             626.569.2573


Mailing Address:              Southern California Edison,

Attention: Claims Department

P.O. Box 900, Rosemead CA 91770.

( SCE Claim Form )