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Auto Burlaries Increase - Be Alert!
There has been an increase in auto burglaries, and in many cases the victim unknowingly makes the burglarís job very easy. Commonly stolen items include purses, wallets, electronics, mail, cell phones, iPods, GPS devices, and compact disks, often left in plain view. The Long Beach Police Department wants to prevent you from becoming a victim. The following tips will help to reduce the chances that your vehicle will be targeted, and help keep our community safer.

Place ALL items out of sight, or remove them before exiting your vehicle

Do not leave cell phone chargers, computer equipment or other electronics accessories connected to the console

Do not leave mail or documents with your personal information in the car-even blank papers left in plain sight are a temptation to a thief

Secure your vehicle before leaving it - lock the doors, and close the windows, including the sunroof

Call 9-1-1 (or 562-435-6711 if calling from a cellular phone) to report suspicious activity, including loiterers around parked vehicles

Park in a well-lighted area where your vehicle is visible to pedestrian and vehicular traffic

If you have a garage, use it and keep it closed and locked