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Official Citywide Water Conservation ALERT

1.     Eliminate landscape over-watering and all water runoff

2.     Reduce time in the shower and install low-flow shower heads

3.     Check your water meter for potential leaks in your home or business


The Declaration is a precautionary measure taken to forestall or lessen the impact of a potential water supply shortage.  The Declaration is necessitated by:

       This year's record low rainfall in the southern California coastal plain;

       A continuation of the historic 8-year drought in the Colorado River Watershed, which is a significant source of imported water for our region;

       Low precipitation in the Sierra Nevada watershed, another portion of our water supply;

       A significant drawing down of in-State strategic water reserves;

       An interruption in the supply of water from the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento Delta area due to environmental concerns.


The Water Commissioners are calling on every customer of the Long Beach Water Department to give irrigation systems a through check-up to help prevent water run off.


Under the Declaration, the Long Beach Water Department will significantly elevate its public communication in this area, until the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners takes further action.  If, subsequent to this Declaration of the need for immediate extraordinary water conservation, the water supply situation warrants elevated attention, the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners may declare more serious Stages of its EMERGENCY WATER SUPPLY SHORTAGE PLAN, triggering increased mandatory prohibitions on potable water

use in the City of Long Beach.


The Long Beach Water Department is an urban, southern California water supply agency and the standard in water conservation and environmental stewardship.