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Commercial Burglary Alert

Over the past two months, there have been an increasing number of commercial burglaries to restaurants, bars, and fast food establishments throughout the city.  The suspects have forced entry into the businesses after closing, and have removed the safes, including safes that were bolted to the floor. 


The Long Beach Police Department would like to encourage business owners and employees to practice the following crime prevention tips in order to protect their businesses from crime:


·         Be sure the business and the area around it have adequate lighting. Keep ladders, pallets, and other items that thieves can use to gain access to rooftops secured and away from the building. 


·         Secure alarm boxes, phone lines and cameras to prevent wires from being cut and other tampering that prevents them from being effective.


·         Be sure security cameras are in good working order (digital systems should be set to high resolution) and maintained regularly.  This greatly assists law enforcement in apprehending suspects.


·         Consider installing an audible alarm system and use it.  Visible signs of an alarm system (placards, window stickers, etc.) are a deterrent, and a loud alarm is likely to scare of an intruder in the act.


·         If your alarm is set off after hours, do not assume it is a false alarm.


·         Keep all windows clear of advertising, display material and decorations, which can screen an intruder from outside view.


·         Call 9-1-1 (or 562-435-6711 if calling from cellular phone) to report all suspicious activity or crimes in progress, and coordinate with nearby residences and businesses to do the same.


·         Enroll your business in the Business Watch Program, which provides the Police with business owner’s after hours contact information, free business Security Assessments, and other benefits.  Call (562) 570-7274 for more information.


If you have any information about these crimes, please contact Corporal Jose Yarruhs of the Burglary Detail, at (562) 570-5581.

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