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Be Earthquake Prepared
Earthquake House

There are several things you can do to make sure your home and family are ready for an earthquake. Take the time to prepare your home and family for an earthquake!

These tips on what to do before, during and after an earthquake were developed by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services to help you get ready to ride it out!


Before an Earthquake – How well you, your family or home survives an earthquake often depends upon how well you prepare beforehand. Be sure to develop a family and neighborhood plan. The following checklist will help you get started:

· Prepare an emergency kit.

· Know the safe spots and danger spots in each room.

· Conduct practice drills so you and your family know the safe locations in your home.

· Decide how and where your family will reunite if separated.

· Choose an out-of-state friend or relative family members can call to report their whereabouts and conditions.

· Learn how to shut off gas, water and electricity in case the lines are damaged.

During an Earthquake

  • If indoors, stay there. Get under a desk or table or stand in a corner.
  • If outdoors, get into an open area away from trees, buildings, walls, and power lines.
  • If in a high-rise building, stay away from windows and outside walls. Get under a table. Do not use elevators.
  • If driving, pull over to the side of the road and stop. Avoid overpasses and power lines. Stay inside your car until the shaking is over.
  • If in a crowded public place, do not rush for the doors. Crouch and cover your head and neck with your hands and arms.

After an Earthquake – Unless there is an immediate, life-threatening emergency, do not attempt to use the telephone. After a quake, be sure to:

  • Check for gas and water leaks, broken electrical wiring or sewage lines.
  • Check your building for cracks and damage, including the roof, chimneys and foundation.
  • Turn on your portable radio for instructions and news reports.
  • Be prepared for aftershocks.


For information you can go to:

American Red Cross Greater Long Beach Chapter at

or the Long Beach Fire Department at