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UPDATE: City Council approves Bixby Park Bandshell contractor and restoration budget

Long Beach - On Tuesday, June 5, City Council unanimously approved a contractor and budget for the bandshell's reconstruction after months of preparation including a request for construction proposals and design review and approval with the Historic Preservation Office and Cultural Heritage Commission. Councilmember Lowenthal is pleased to announce that the bandshell is scheduled for completion by late summer.

The bandshell's design plans were recently approved by the Historic Preservation Office and the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine has opened a bid for construction. Contracting bids were due by April 6th.

According to plans, the finished bandshell is expected to look identical to its original 1927 design. The north wing will be recontructed and the bandshell will receive a new trellis, support columns and decorative windows and woodwork. Construction begins in mid-June and will be overseen by the Cultural Heritage Commission.

You're invited to donate funds to help with the Bixby Park bandshell restoration project by calling Partners of Parks at (562) 570-3208.