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Solicitation Scam
On two separate occasions officers have contacted a group of juveniles that were in possession of a clipboard with numerous donation forms attached. These juveniles are described as high school aged males, who have the donors (victims) fill out their names, telephone number, and the amount to be donated on a printed form. The black-and-white forms, that are of poor quality, display a team photograph, the space to be filled out by the donor, and a written statement supposedly written by the team coach.

State laws and Long Beach Municipal Codes prohibit the collection of unlawful donations. When in doubt of the truthfulness of a donation being solicited, you may ask the petitioner to present an identification card, which confirms that the solicitor has been validated. You may also request a written receipt for your contribution that is to be signed by the solicitor. This does not apply to a person who is soliciting on their own property or evangelical, missionary, or religious organizations.

The high schools named on these forms are part of the Long Beach Unified School District and they have not authorized the collection of these donations. Anyone with information or possible victims are asked to contact the Long Beach Police Departmentís Forgery/Fraud Detail at (562) 570-7330.