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Holiday Safety Tips
Don't Be an Easy Target

While shopping remember these tips:

®   Place all gifts and packages in your trunk or out of sight

®   Always be aware of your surroundings

®   Park in well lighted areas

®   Avoid shopping alone; there is safety in numbers

®   Try to use credit or debit cards for purchases to avoid carrying large amounts of cash

®   Keep your car doors locked and windows closed

®   If you carry a purse or bag, carry it up close to your body


Suggestions in and around your home:


®   Keep gifts away from windows

®   Practice regular home security such as motion sensor lighting,

®   If traveling, postpone your mail and newspaper deliveries so your home doesnít look deserted

®   Do not store gifts in vehicles or unsecured areas


If you operate a business, some of these tips may be helpful:


®   Lock unused doors as long as you are not in violation of the Fire Code

®   Keep only necessary cash in the register and vary the schedule and route for your bank deposits each day

®   Make sure your cash register is clearly visible to passers-by

®   Advertise your security alarm system with signs in visible locations

®   Develop a mutual aid system among stores close to you or on your block


Should you have any questions or need additional safety information, please contact the Long Beach Police Departmentís Community Relations Division at (562) 570-7215.