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Refuse Cart Exchange/Replacement In Progress
18,000 Households to Receive New Carts
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In 1990, the City of Long Beach began distributing refuse collection carts for use by residents and businesses.  Many of these initially delivered carts are still in use throughout the City, far exceeding their lifespan of seven to ten years.  This has resulted in an increased number of cart failures, which has inconvenienced customers.

In order to continue to provide the highest possible customer service, the Department of Public Works, Environmental Services Bureau will begin exchanging the oldest refuse carts for new carts.  This exchange program will continue through October 12, 2006.  Collected carts will be recycled through a local plastics processing company.

Approximately 18,000 residential and commercial services accounts will receive new carts.  All expenses associated with this effort are included in the FY06 budget.  Additional phases of replacement will take place over the