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Community Crime Prevention Meeting
After committing a violent crime, some suspects will attempt to elude capture by hiding out or fleeing the area. The detectives working these cases are able to concentrate on their caseload while C-CAT takes on the time-consuming and dangerous job of hunting down the fugitive. This involves investigating tips, and following up on clues related to the suspectís whereabouts, oftentimes taking them out of the city. They have extradited suspects from other states, and sometimes other countries. Come out and learn more about how this team is taking violent offenders off the streets of our city!

The monthly Community Crime Prevention Meetings are hosted by the Long Beach Police Departmentís Crime Prevention Unit. They are open to everyone in the community.

For additional information contact the Long Beach Police Departmentís Community Relations Division at (562) 570-7215

August 16, 2006
7:00 p.m.
Long Beach Water Department
1800 East Wardlow Road


( Community Crime Prevention Flyer )