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Long Beach Gas Bills Lower Than Area Average

Although this winter's natural gas bills are about a third higher than last winter's, Long Beach residential natural gas bills are currently about 10% lower than the average of the other gas utilities in Southern California.

Even with the City savings, if you are having difficulty paying your winter utility bills, you way want to take advantage of Level Pay Plan.  The Level Pay Plan spreads your higher winter costs over several months, reducing your monthly payment during the colder months.

To find out more about the Level Pay Plan, visit  While you are online you can obtain account information and make payments. 

You can also call (562) 570-5700 to find out about, and sign up for, the Level Pay Plan.  For your convenience, the City's utility service center's hours of operations have been temporarily extended from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, so you can call before or after work.  With the same phone call, you can obtain utility billing information, schedule a pilot-lighting appointment, or establish or terminate services.

Don't forget that you can lower your natural gas bills by conserving energy.  For more information visit