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Lerch, O'Donnell, Lowenthal Call for Plan to Fight Crystal Meth

"The scourge of Crystal Meth is a growing problem and is complicated by the fact that meth can be made with over the counter cold medicine and other easily purchased items like drain cleaner, battery acid, and antifreeze," said Councilmember O’Donnell. "Meth is cheap and extremely addictive – this City needs to address this community problem now."

The three Councilmembers will ask PSAC to report back to the Council Committee of Public Safety in 60 days with recommendations on how to fight the increasing problem of Meth use in Long Beach. "We hope that PSAC will look at what other communities are doing to fight Crystal Meth and advise the Council on best practices," said a hopeful Councilmember Lerch. "I believe we can work together to address this growing problem."

Councilmember Lowenthal pointed out, "The children of meth addicts are the real victims. They live in squalor, watch their parents shoot drugs and are exposed to a variety of chemicals at meth labs set up in their homes. This is not acceptable."

The Public Safety Advisory Commission ("PSAC") was created, to make advisory policy recommendations to the City Council on public safety issues, and is made up of 13 community members. The three member Council Committee of Public Safety is chaired by Councilmember Lerch, Councilmember Lowenthal is Vice-Chair and Councilmember O’Donnell is a member.