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Acquisition Advisory Panel is coming to Long Beach
Meeting 9 am on July 27, 2005 

Hyatt Regency Long Beach
Beacon B Conference Room
200 South Pine Avenue
Long Beach CA 90802

Don't miss this opportunity to attend a public meeting of the Acquisition Advisory Panel. The Panel, comprised of members of both the public and private sectors as well as academia, is statutorily chartered to review Federal procurement laws, regulations and policies and report recommended changes to both Houses of Congress and the Office of Federal Procurement Policy by January 2006.  Established by the Services Acquisition Reform Act (SARA) of 2003, the Panel is particulary focued on interagency contracting, commercial practices, and performance-based contracting.  This meeting, beginning at 9am, will consist of invited speakers from both the public and private sectors who will offer their experiences and suggestions for the improvement of the Federal procurement system. An hour has also been reserved for oral public comment on areas of interest to the Panel.

This Panel meets infrequently and their impact is wide-reaching.  The Panel most often meets in Washington DC.  Only two meetings will be held outside the beltway, Long Beach is one (the other was Ft Worth in May).

If you would like to attend the meeting or reserve time to give an oral statement, contact the Panel's Executive Director, Laura Auletta at 202-208-7279 or email her at  There is no cost for attending the meeting but the hotel may charge for parking. 

To learn more about the Panel, visit their website at