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No More Junk Mail

Are you tired of your mailbox being stuffed with junk mail?  Do you want to stop the bulk of unsolicited and unaddressed mail from being delivered to you?  You can now substantially reduce your unwanted mail. 


I am very pleased to share the enclosed "Junk Mail Reduction Kit" with you.  Just fill out, sign, and mail the enclosed postcards, and you can retake control of the mail that is delivered to you.  Submitting these postcards will remove your address from the Direct Marketing Association list for 5 years, eliminating your information from the largest mailing list in the country.


Along with taking the steps to reduce your unwanted mail, you can also participate in other registries that will reduce the amount of telemarketing calls and junk E-mail you receive.  I encourage you to call my 2nd District office at 562-570-6684 if you would like a "Junk Mail Reduction Kit."