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Councilwoman Gabelich Welcomes Children From Patrick Henry Elementary School

Shelby Connors asked her "pen pal" Councilwoman Rae Gabelich if she could visit her at City Hall and when the answer was "yes" she brought her third grade classmates and her teacher, Dansen Lipock, with her.  They arrived at 10 o'clock via bus and went immediately to the 14th floor where their tour person, Veronica Servin, 8th District Field Representative, greeted them.  They had an opportunity to visit all the Council offices, including a visit to the Fifth District office, the district in which Patrick Henry School is located.  Then they spent quite some time with 8th District Councilwoman Gabelich.  They met her staff, Jonathan Kraus, Chief of Staff and Sallie Rodman, Legislative Analyst who had planned their itinerary.  After visiting with the Councilwoman and having some cookies, they were given Long Beach Frisbees and "I Love Long Beach" buttons.  Concluding their stay on the City Council floor was a visit to see Mayor Beverly O'Neill and members of her staff.  Upon leaving the Legislative floor they had chance to visit the City Council Chambers and take some pictures.  They visited the library for an hour to get acquainted with the great new summer programs available and then had lunch in the courtyard.  After lunch they were treated to a tour of the Police Department and went home tired but happy.