Industrial Stormwater Permit: What does it mean for LGB?

The Long Beach Airport is responsible for the implementation of, and must be in compliance with, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) mandates of the Clean Water Act. One objective of the mandates is to prevent all non-stormwater discharges from entering the storm drain system which leads directly to the ocean.

Debris and pollutants enter the storm drain primarily through streets, gutters and catch basins. All pollutants — including trash, greenwaste, cleaning agents, oil, and hazardous waste — are prohibited by law from entering the storm drain system.

LGB is dedicated to complying with, and helping all tenants (as co-permittees) comply with, the NPDES mandates. To that end, we encourage any Airport tenant to contact us with questions, concerns, or issues that need clarification.

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