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Business Recycling

Business Waste

Commercial waste accounts for almost 65% of waste disposed of in California. Solid waste is defined as all waste streams combined, including recyclables.

  • State law AB 341 makes it mandatory for businesses to recycle if they generate 4 yards or more of solid waste each week.
  • State Law AB 1826 also requires businesses with the 4 yards or more of solid waste per week to have organics recycling service as of January 2019.  

Implementing a Successful Recycling Program at Work

  1. Place a well-marked recycling container next to every trash container.
    • Containers for organic waste may be placed in areas where that material is concentrated such as kitchens and coffee stations.
  2. Have signs on or above all containers that are easy to see and indicate what can go into them.
  3. Encourage staff participation. 
  4. Communicate with your custodial staff to ensure they are aware and know how to properly collect material from different bins and know the proper disposal locations.
  5. Contact your waste hauler to do a waste sort to help you better understand what is going into the trash that could be recycled.
  6. Monitor the recycling and trash containers for contamination and give feedback as needed. 

Edible Food Recovery

Donating edible food to organizations that can get it to people in need is a higher priority than putting it into an organics recycling system. Any business or organization that has unused edible food can contact Food Finders, a local food rescue organization, or donate it to a local food pantry. You can find more information about this on their website. http://www.foodfinders.org/