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Apartment Managers

Mandatory Recycling

Apartment owners/managers of buildings with 5 or more units are required under California State Law AB 341 to provide recycling service to their tenants. The City of Long Beach has a goal for all apartment buildings to have recycling service.
  • If your building has City-serviced trash collection, you can contact us at (562) 570-2876 to request recycling carts or online here. Recycling is included with all City-serviced accounts.
  • If you have a private hauler for your trash collection, contact them to set up recycling services.  

Increase Recycling Success, Decrease Dumped Bulky Items

Give new tenants a copy of the recycling guidelines when they move in.

Inform your tenants how to dispose of bulky items.

  • If you have City service, contact us to request a special collection either by phone or with this online form. Tell your tenants to work with you to coordinate a special collection for bulky items.
  • If you have a private hauler, contact them to set up a special collection.
  • If you have City service, print out the Recycling Guidelines.

Free hazardous waste collection is available at drop off locations in the City. 

Mandatory Organics Recycling

Apartment and condominium buildings with 5 or more units and that have four yards of solid waste (which includes trash and recycling) or more per week are required by California State Law AB 1826 to have organics recycling services for green waste, yard waste, and uncontaminated wood waste. If you do not have this material or you have a landscaper that takes the material away for you, contact your hauler to report this.