Natural Gas

Your gas utility rates include both the cost to deliver service to your home or business and the cost of the natural gas commodity charged by our suppliers. Similar to other energy prices, the commodity cost of natural gas can increase and decrease according to gas market pricing. LBGO does not produce natural gas; we buy natural gas on the open competitive market. We will continue to purchase natural gas at the most competitive price. However, as a direct result of these price fluctuations, your gas bill may be higher compared to last year's bill.

LBGO offers low-income qualified customers a 5% discount on their gas utility rates. To see if you qualify and obtain an application for this program, please call (562) 570-2068 or select the following link Low Income Gas Discount Application.

The City offers an Additional Baseline Allowance to residents with certain medical conditions. Qualifying customers may receive additional therms of gas at the baseline rate. Please call (562) 570-5700 for information on where and how to apply for this program.

Additionally, the City offers Low-Income Seniors and/or Disabled additional discounts
Please select the following link for additional information and how to apply for this discount.