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Inclusionary Housing Study

In May 2017, the Long Beach City Council directed staff to develop a citywide inclusionary housing policy to encourage the development of mixed-income housing. The policy is one of many tools the City is considering to ensure that Long Beach residents of every income level have access to safe and affordable housing.

The City has completed an economic feasibility study of the proposed inclusionary housing policy and is collecting feedback from a wide range of community stakeholders to help design a policy that balances development costs against the public benefit of creating new affordable housing citywide.

Inclusionary Housing Study Resources and Materials

Development Services presented results of the Inclusionary Housing: Financial Evaluation and key inclusionary housing policy considerations to the Planning Commission and the public during a Planning Commission study session on Thursday, August 22, 2019.

The study session followed three sets of community meetings, beginning with two community meetings in December 2018 that introduced the concept of inclusionary housing. In June 2019, a community workshop was conducted to discuss the results of an economic feasibility analysis, and tenant advocates and market-rate developers closely reviewed and provided input on the Financial Evaluation during two stakeholder focus groups in August 2019.

Development Services and the City Attorney’s Office are working together to prepare a draft Inclusionary Housing Ordinance to be presented to the Planning Commission in fall 2019 and to City Council in late 2019.

Two community meetings were held in December 2018 to introduce the concept of inclusionary housing. The City hosted a community workshop in June 2019 to present the results of an economic analysis and inclusionary housing policy considerations listed in the Topics for Feedback below.

The City hosted separate stakeholder focus groups for tenant advocates and for market-rate developers in early August 2019. A Planning Commission study session that included a presentation of the recently completed Inclusionary Housing: Financial Evaluation and the latest opportunity for public comment followed on August 22, 2019.

Links to the community workshop and Planning Commission study session presentations and supporting documents follow.

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