Development Services

Minor Project Plan Submittal and Review Service

In a continuing effort to enhance customer service due to the closure of City Hall, the Development Permit Center is modifying its over-the-counter (OTC) plan check process to facilitate email submittal and review for projects that qualify as a minor project.  This service offers applicants the convenience and expediency of a Building, Planning, and/or Fire plan check by submitting it through email and may result in the issuance of a building and/or fire permit within a shorter time than the regular plan submittal and review process.

If your project does not qualify for this service, it may be necessary to submit your construction documents for review through the Electronic Plan Check (EPC) submittal and review process.

  • Review the Plan Review Requirements for the minimum information required from the construction documents.
  • Convert your construction documents (i.e., plans and other technical specifications/documents) into a PDF format.
  • The size of the PDF format of the construction documents must be less than 75 MB; if the size is larger than 75 MB, please contact staff for further assistance.
  • Complete the permit application and convert it to a PDF format.
  • Email both the completed application and construction documents to
  • If the submitted application and construction documents do not meet the minor project criteria as noted herein or is incomplete, an email will be sent to notify you with the reason(s) for rejection and identify what is needed to be accepted.
  • If the submitted application and construction documents are accepted for review by email, your minor project will be routed to the appropriate Building, Planning and/or Fire staff for review.
  • All comments, if any, will be emailed back to you.
  • Resubmittal of the revised or updated construction documents, when ready, should be email to
  • Upon approval, all fees (e.g., plan check, inspection, impact fees, etc. as applicable) will be generated for the project.
  • Staff will email and/or phone you with additional instructions on how to pay the fees, obtain copies of the permit receipt and job inspection card.
  • Upon receiving a PDF of the approved construction documents, you will need to print a hardcopy set for the contractor and for field inspection purposes.

For more details and assistance, please call 562-570-7648 (PMIT) during business hours.

Minor Project Criteria

The type of minor projects that qualifies for this service are minor additions or alterations to single-family dwellings, minor alterations to multi-family dwellings, or minor tenant improvements or alterations to nonresidential buildings with office or retail uses as determined by staff.  Both the project descriptions and examples shown below will assist you in determining whether a minor project MAY QUALIFY for this online service:
  • Minor additions to single-family dwellings (no higher than 1-story and no basement) constructed in accordance with city standard details.
  • Small one-story accessory buildings or structures constructed in accordance with city standard details, such as patio cover, storage shed, carport or garage.
  • Minor alteration to single-family dwellings or duplexes with minimal seismic or structural related work.
  • Residential decks or patios.
  •  Minor office or retail tenant improvements or alterations with no changes in use or occupancy and are not safety, seismic or structural in nature.
  • Minor storefront alterations that are not safety, seismic or structural in nature (excluding façade replacement).
  • Minor addition or removal of non-bearing partition(s) in office or retail uses that are not safety, seismic or structural in nature within an existing tenant space (excluding work that combines or subdivides multiple tenant spaces).
  • Minor accessibility improvement that are not safety, seismic or structural in nature.
  • Miscellaneous accessory structures such as awning, wall signs, and other minor attachment to the building’s exterior.
  • Relocating 20 or less existing fire sprinkler heads within existing office or retail uses.
  • Relocating or installing 20 or less fire alarm devices within existing office or retail uses.
  • Installing a maximum of 1 fire suppression system for the protection of 2 or less hoods.
  • Retaining walls ≥ 3 ft. 6 in. utilizing city standard details and wood/metal fence walls ≥ 6 ft. 6 in.
  • Minor sign structures (e.g., monument sign, wall sign or projecting sign).
  • Trash enclosures.
  • Swimming pools or spas accessory to a single-family dwelling utilizing recognized standard plans.