Development Services

Director's Message

At Long Beach Development Services, we are committed to the goal of helping the City continue to evolve as a quality and desirable place for residents and visitors alike. We are dedicated to making a positive difference in our role to help build a dynamic, safe and sustainable City that honors its past and embraces the future. We are proud of our work to provide the highest level of customer service and to help create quality communities all across Long Beach.

We strive for excellence in everything we do, from planning and housing services to code enforcement and building safety. Our dedicated team of engineers, inspectors, managers, planners and specialists work creatively and productively each day to maintain and implement the City’s General Plan vision, through the Zoning Code and other policy documents. The goal is always to ensure that all new development and improvement projects in Long Beach are done in a manner that is safe, sound and thoughtful. We also provide code enforcement to assist in maintaining safe and well-maintained neighborhoods and commercial corridors.
I am particularly proud of our work on key new projects, neighborhood services, and policy proposals. These include the: Long Beach Civic Center; Long Beach Exchange (LBX); 2nd & PCH; Southeast Area and Globemaster Corridor specific plans; Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP); and the updated Land Use Element. We are active in our neighborhoods with ongoing tree planting events, neighborhood cleanups, residential and commercial rehab grants and loan programs. We also continue to work closely with the community to gain City Council approval for programs to address critical housing issues such as tenant assistance and short-term rentals, as well as ongoing financial support for the development of supportive and affordable housing.

We are a forward-thinking department in a City that is filled with the promise and potential to build an equitable and sustainable future for Long Beach residents. When we ensure that developments not only comply with strict safety standards, we also consider the need for energy efficiency and sustainability guidelines.  When our Planning staff works with business owners and private developers, we look to present projects for approval that enhance livability over time and create lasting value to the community and for neighborhoods to grow and thrive.

In so many ways, we truly embrace our department slogan: Building a Better Long Beach. Please consider being a part of the City’s planning and development process by contacting my office at any time. Come back to this webpage periodically to look for other news and opportunities to participate.

Linda F. Tatum, FAICP