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Post-Its are the lifeblood of innovation.

Around the world, cities are bringing the practice of innovation into government to address the most pressing urban challenges and improve the quality of life for residents. The City of Long Beach is home to an innovation team – known as the “i-team” – that deploys a range of strategies, including quantitative research, qualitative research, and design-based innovation to bring greater clarity and new solutions to the city’s most pressing problems.

The innovation team’s multi-disciplinary staff help cultivate a culture of innovation in the city by tackling hard-to-solve public challenges in collaboration with government and community stakeholders to develop, test, and implement solutions with speed and agility, achieving a tangible impact that is felt by residents. The Long Beach i-team’s current priority area for the next 9-12 months is on improving public safety for those who live, work, and play in our city.

The Long Beach i-team is seeking a Civic Design Consultant to bring design-based innovation expertise and creativity to the team’s work, with a specific focus on co-creation, research, data synthesis, idea generation, and prototyping. This job is not for the average designer – we are looking for a unique designer who is truly dedicated to bringing change into the world by working to change the culture of government from within the government.

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