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Designmatters Fellows

The Arts Center’s Designmatters Fellows work with the Long Beach i-team and stakeholders developing solutions to Long Beach’s most frustrating challenges by facilitating design thinking to the public sector. All design fellows are fluent in using design strategies, have the ability to translate complex data sets and issues into persuasive visual messaging, and are enthusiastic self-starters.

Problem-solving through Art and Design

Previous i-team Designmatters Fellows

Profile image of Isual Berenguer, Designmetters Fellow

Isaúl Berenguer is a Designmatters Fellow and currently a Product Design student at ArtCenter. He started his education in the Transportation Design department, pursuing the dream of becoming a car designer, but being an international student from Mexico, he was constantly exposed to big culture and social contrasts, that ultimately made him switch to Product Design, and focus his career in social causes. He is committed to using the abilities developed during his education to change as much lives as possible.

Profile image of Chase Airmet, Designmetters Fellow

Chase Airmet, our first Designmatters fellow is currently a graduate Industrial Design candidate at the Art Center College of Design. He has a drive and passion to create objects, services and experiences that excite and delight users. Chase seeks to design new growth and value for companies through a trend and research based iterative design process.

Profile image of Brittany Banayan, Designmatters Fellow

Brittany Banayan is a Designmatters Fellow and a recent graduate of Art Center College of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design. With an emphasis in brand strategy and design thinking, she is passionate about collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team to implement innovative policy solutions to achieve meaningful impact.

Profile image of Karen Davison, Designmatters Fellow

Karen Davison is a Designmatters Fellow and is currently a Graphic Design student at Art Center College of Design. After graduating from Art Center with her first BFA in Illustration in 2006, she returned in 2014 to pursue her love of design. Karen's goal is to use her unique understanding of art and design to solve real-world problems and work on projects that meaningfully improve the quality of life for the people who live in her community.

Profile image of Justine Esquivel, Designmatters Fellow

Justine Esquivel is a Designmatters Fellow and current graduate student in the Media Design Practices program at the Art Center College of Design where she is focusing on interaction design in urban spaces. She has a BFA in Cultural Communication and Spanish from the University of Washington. She sees the city as a place for its residents to thrive and have a voice in its development and the power of design to facilitate that process.