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The City of Long Beach has partnered with Citymart, with the support of the Long Beach Community Foundation and the Knight Foundation, to engage you in a creative, problem-solving approach that can change how the city functions and performs. Citymart is a New York-based company that transforms the way cities solve problems, connecting them with new ideas through open challenges to entrepreneurs and citizens. The City will issue (5) five service challenges. Over the next 18 months Citymart will play a consulting role, helping City staff and community stakeholders define the challenges and envision outcomes.


Current Request for Solution (RFS) Opportunity 
The City seeks outdoor furnishing and technology solutions that are useful, durable, creative, functional and easily replicable. The aesthetics of the Outdoor Office will respectfully and creatively incorporate the legacy of Harvey Milk, leaders of the LGBTQ movement, and messages and themes from the movement. This can be incorporated into the responses of furniture or design equipment. 
Outdoor Office iCon 

How to Participate

Register with Planet Bids here to view submit and to view all opportunities. If your are an international company and do not have a US affiliate, when prompted to provide your IRS Reporting Name in the Planet Bids portal, input your company's name instead. Then, when prompted to provide an FEI/Tax ID number, input the last nine digits of your company's phone number. 

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