Recruitment Solutions

Our Business Solutions Team is here to serve the hiring needs of large and small businesses. If you're facing staffing shortages, our Business Solutions Team can help you lead a mass recruiting. The Network also offers quality recruitment solutions including pre-screening and interviewing candidates, soft skill assessments and marketing.

Hire A Youth

If your business needs flexible, cost-effective, pre-screened and qualified local youth applicants, our Youth Opportunity Center's Hire-A-Youth program is the ideal hiring solution. Simply post online directly, or call 1.866.848.3321.

Post a Job Opening

Our business analysts will search for qualified job candidates based on your specific business needs. Simply post your customized job specifications here or, complete this job order formLink To PDF File and email or fax to 562.570.4551.

Mass Recruitments

Our Business Solutions Team offers you assistance with your mass recruitments of five or more positions. We can coordinate and schedule this complex project for your business.

Prescreening Services

We can also streamline your candidate pool process through pre-screening, helping you to make better recruiting decisions. Take advantage of our Business Solutions Team for the soft skill assessments and the background checks of your next hires.

Industries of Local Interest

Need Qualified and Job-Ready Construction Workers?

Our Training Program graduates and pre-screened professionals are ready to work and can save you money! We are ready to refer to you the right candidate. Click Link HereLink To PDF File

Looking for Transportation and Goods Movements Workers Now?

Our partnerships and programs with the Ports and industry leaders can connect you with the right employees - quickly.

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