Need new employees, but concerned about training costs?

Pacific Gateway has On-The-Job Training funds available for employers who are ready to hire and train to their specifications.

Here's how it works:

  • We maintain a database of skilled and transitioning workers across all key industries in the Pacific Gateway Region
  • Based on your Job Opening, we provide candidates who are work-ready and possess key job-related skills you need
  • You select and hire the best candidate
  • You agree to provide the additional training around the additional, essential skills (ie. company software, equipment, specialized assembly, company products and services) that meet your specific company needs
  • We agree upon a percentage - typically 50% - of the wages paid for the new employee’s training to be reimbursed by Pacific Gateway - up to a maximum of a six-month period (depending on the training approved) We reimburse your company at the end of the training period.

Limited funding available; are you Ready to Hire? Call 866.848.3321
and ask for OJT.

The Paperwork (through which we will help you navigate!):

Getting Started
Taxpayer W-9 Form
On-the-Job Training Agreement

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