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Since 1995, the Long Beach Health Department has led the Long Beach Continuum of Care (CoC), a local planning body funded by HUD that coordinates housing and services funding for homeless families and individuals. It is the second largest of the four CoCs in Los Angeles County.


Led by the Long Beach Health Department, the Multi-Service Center (MSC) facility houses 12 public and private partner organizations working together to promote self-sufficiency and rebuild the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Annually, the MSC averages 26,000 client visits, making this facility the primary point of entry for persons seeking homeless services assistance in Long Beach.  Services range from basic amenities of shower, laundry, mail and message center, to street outreach, van shuttle, transportation, medical care, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, HIV/AIDS services, integrated case management, and housing coordination. The mission of the MSC is to provide comprehensive supportive services to promote progress towards permanent housing and self-sufficiency, by creating a community where health, safety, and well-being are established.


The Long Beach Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a computer application that records client-level information on the characteristics and service needs of homeless persons served by the Long Beach CoC. HMIS is a valuable resource because of its capacity to integrate and unduplicate data from homeless assistance and homeless prevention programs within the CoC. This technology helps the Long Beach CoC to improve service delivery, better understand homelessness, and evaluate the effectiveness of services.

If you would like to request this information in an alternative format, please call (562) 570-4176.

Esta información está disponible en un formato alternativo por petición a la División de Servicios para Desamparados en (562) 570-4176.


The City of Long Beach established the Homeless Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) in 1988.  The HSAC serves at the discretion of the City Council and Mayor to make recommendations on policies, programs and activities related to homeless assistance resources. The HSAC is governed and meets according to the articles set forth in the regulations the City of Long Beach has established via Ordinance, Resolution C-24600. The HSAC also makes recommendations to the Long Beach City Council. The HSAC is comprised of eleven (11) Long Beach residents, nine (9) appointed from each of the City Council Members and two selected at-large by the Mayor’s Office

The HSAC consider recommendations from the Long Beach CoC Board and General Membership on matters related to homeless services-related policy, programs, and funding. The HSAC develop recommendations on matters related to homeless services-related policy, programs, and funding. The HSAC receive public comment at its regular monthly meeting on matters related to homelessness within the City of Long Beach. The HSAC submit an annual report to the City Council, containing a summary of highlights and recommendations for the next year.

Please review the HSAC meeting agendas and minutes for more details. 

For more information email the Homeless Services Division at  HomelessServices@longbeach.gov or call (562) 570-4001.