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The Long Beach Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a computer application that records client-level information on the characteristics and service needs of homeless persons served by the Long Beach CoC. HMIS is a valuable resource because of its capacity to integrate and unduplicate data from homeless assistance and homeless prevention programs within the CoC. This technology helps the Long Beach CoC to improve service delivery, better understand homelessness, and evaluate the effectiveness of services.


HMIS Policy and Procedures

HMIS Data Quality Plan

HMIS Privacy Notice

HMIS Transition to Clarity

Welcome to the Long Beach HMIS Transitional FAQ Page. We are excited to be working with BitFocus, Inc. as our new HMIS vendor. They are the developers and host of Clarity Human Services’ HMIS software platform. Here are some key points related to our transition. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please email us at LBHMIS@longbeach.gov so we can answer it and add it to this page.

Key Dates:



Clarity Go-Live


Service Point Goes Offline


HMIS Blackout (period where there will be no HMIS)

10/16/2020 - 10/26/2020

Clarity Training 

10/5/2020 - 10/23/2020

Q: What is Clarity?

A: Clarity Human Services is a client management software that specializes in Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) as a platform.

Q: When will the Long Beach HMIS in ServicePoint go offline?

A: Long Beach HMIS in ServicePoint will officially go offline for data entry on October 16, 2020; this is the last day to perform any data entry in ServicePoint. You will still be able to view records, but you will not be able to enter any more data.

Q: When will the new HMIS in Clarity be online?

A: The Long Beach HMIS in Clarity is estimated to go online on October 26, 2020.

No data entered into HMIS through ServicePoint after October 16th will move over to the new Clarity system. Users will have access to the ServicePoint system in read-only mode until our go-live date on October 26th.

Q: How can I prepare for my program/agency’s data migration?

A: The most important thing you can do in preparation is to identify any duplicates in your agency’s HMIS site and merge them. If you don’t know how to do this, please email LBHMIS@longbeach.gov. Once you identify duplicates, we can merge them for you. Beyond that, make sure your active or most recently served clients have records with accurate information.

Q: How should I prepare for the time during the migration period when we are offline (blackout period)?

A: During the period of 10/16/2020 through 10/26/2020, you will not have HMIS access to complete data entry. Forms for client Entry, Update and Exit Assessment of HUD data are available below.

Q: What data will be migrated?

A: Data elements that comprise the 2020 HUD HMIS Data Standards will be migrated. These include Name, DOB, SSN, Race, Ethnicity and Veteran Status, as well as information collected in Assessments (Housing status, Disability info, Income, Non-Cash Benefits, and Health Insurance). If you’d like to take a closer look, please refer to the HMIS Data Standards Manual. Stored documents, photos, case notes, or anything not part of the 2020 HMIS data standards will also be migrated.

Q: What is the range of time/history of the data that will migrate?

A: We will migrate data from any client records who were active on or after 1/1/2013. This means that if a client had an active record on or after 1/1/2013, Clarity will migrate all of the data associated with that enrollment and forward in time. Data for clients who have been inactive longer than 7 years (prior to 2013) will not be migrated to Clarity.

Q: What web browsers will work with Clarity HMIS?

A: You can use any of the available browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

Q: How will I report a support issue?

A: Getting help for support issues will follow the same protocol as in the past: if you are an end user, you will still contact your Agency Administrator, and if you can’t do that or you still need help you should contact LBHMIS@longbeach.gov


All users must attend a mandatory training session. All training will be held between October 5th – 23rd and will be grouped by Project Type. A detailed training schedule will soon be posted here.  

HMIS Documents

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CoC Project Exit HMIS 2020

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