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Food Inspection Process

The Consumer Protection Program conducts risk based inspections and has a target frequency of two routine inspections per year for restaurants, one routine inspections every nine months for fast food and limited food preparation facilities, and one routine inspection a year for prepackaged food facilities. During routine inspections, inspectors stress the prevention of foodborne illness and educate food facility operators on proper food handling techniques.

The emphasis is always on:

  • Food temperature control
  • Employee practices
  • Proper sanitation
  • Education of the operator
The inspector also verifies that one person per facility has been certified in food safety. A Food Handler's Guide is available to all City of Long Beach food facility operators (one per facility) free of charge; additional copies are available at a nominal fee.

The Mobile Food Vehicle Inspection Program inspects and issues permits to:

  • Mobile Food Prep Units (Hot Trucks)
  • Mobile Food Facilities (Ice Cream Trucks, Produce Trucks, and Carts)
  • Hot trucks and carts with plumbing are inspected six times per year at the Department.
  • Vehicles selling prepackaged food are inspected twice a year.
Mobile Food Prep Units and Stationary Mobile Prep Units are required to have one person per vehicle certified in food safety.

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