Maternal and Child Health Access

Maternal and Child Health Access and Education Program: Prenatal Services & Medi-Cal Assistance

What we do: The Maternal and Child Health Access and Outreach Program assists all women in the Long Beach City area to obtain early and regular perinatal care (the period occurring around the time of birth) and remain free of tobacco and other harmful substances.Our program also assists children to obtain Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, and other free or low-cost health insurance program.

If You Are Pregnant, We Will Gladly Help You:

  • Start Prenatal Care
    • Verify Pregnancy
    • Find a doctor for you
    • Make an appointment to start prenatal care
    • See if you qualify for Medi-Cal or other low-cost care
    • Get temporary Medi-Cal so you can get prenatal care while you are waiting for Medi-Cal approval

We Also Provide Referrals to Other Services

  • Medi-Cal Outreach
  • WIC
  • Long Beach Wilmington Best Babies Collaborative
  • African American Infant Health Project
  • Family Planning
  • Public Health Nursing
  • Car seat safety classes

Breastfeeding Support

Call (562) 570-4208 or (562) 570-4202 to make an appointment with our Lactation Consultants or Lactation Educators

Breastfeeding Flyer (English)
Breastfeeding Flyer (Spanish)

We Are Here to Help You With Your Pregnancy and Your Child's Health

Our Location:
City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services
Nursing Division
2525 Grand Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90815
You Can Call Us At:
(562) 570-4171 or 1-800-832-2307