H1N1 Vaccine Information

Pandemic or H1N1Influenza vaccine is expected to become available sometime in October 2009. When the vaccine does become available, it will be allocated to local health jurisdictions based upon population and vaccine supply. The target groups for vaccination are:

  • All individuals between ages 6 months and 24 years

  • Caretakers of infants under 6 months of age

  • Healthcare workers with direct patient contact

  • Emergency Medical Services Personnel with direct patient contact

  • Pregnant women

  • Adults age 25 – 64 years who have high-risk medical conditions, i.e.:
         o   Heart or lung disease
         o   Metabolic diseases such as diabetes
Conditionsthat weaken the immune system
                   (such as HIV, cancer, chronic steroid therapy,advanced liver or kidney disease, etc.)

Muscleor nerve disorders

Obesity(Body Mass Index > 30)

The Health Departmentwill be holding large community clinics in various locations to administer thevaccine to these high risk groups, as well as distributing the vaccine to localphysicians and medical groups who serve patients falling into one of thesecategories. It is anticipated that there will be enough H1N1 vaccine forindividuals in the target groups listed above, so if you fall into one of thesegroups, check with your physician to see if s/he will have the vaccineavailable or attend one of the Health Department’s community clinics.

H1N1 Vaccine Information Sheets: LAIV (Nasal Spray), Inactivated (Flu shot)

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