Center for Families and Youth: Family Preservation Program

The Family Preservation Program has been serving families in Long Beach and the surrounding communities since 1994. The program aims to strengthen and preserve families whose children are at risk of placement in out-of-home care.To participate, families must be referred directly by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) or the Probation Department. Families may receive services for six months to one year.

Each family is assigned to a Case Manager/In-Home Outreach Counselor, who coordinates comprehensive, individualized services for family members. Each family participates in:

  • In-Home Outreach Counseling – a weekly, one-hour home visit for which all family members must be present.The sessions provide comprehensive assessment, case management, linkages to services, counseling, monitoring of child safety and participation in services, and crisis intervention.
  • MCPC Meetings - Multidisciplinary Case Planning Committee (MCPC) meetings, which take place every 60-75 days.The meetings are attended by the family, the referring DCFS Children’s Social Worker or Probation Officer, and Family Preservation Program staff.The committee works together to develop a service plan and monitor progress in the program.

Based on family and individual needs, participants may also receive:

  • Teaching and Demonstration (T&D) Services – Home based life skills training on issues including home safety, cleaning, budgeting and meal preparation. Substitute Adult Role Model (SARM) Services – Mentoring services for youth, aimed at fostering positive behavior and academic improvement.
  • Parenting Training – weekly group parenting classes and support groups. Mental Health Services– Individual and/or family counseling services.
  • Youth Groups – Enrichment groups for youth ages 8-12 and 13-17, and Anger Management groups for teens.
  • Family Support Program – This program provides activities designed to teach families how to spend quality time together. These activites may include recreational and holiday gatherings.
  • Linkages to Other Community Services – including job training/employment services, alcohol and drug treatment, developmental services, housing assistance, and child care.

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