Noise Monitoring

The City of Long Beach has adopted a Community Noise Ordinance (Section 8.80.010) to address loud noises that may impact residents, businesses and visitors. Noises that may exceed noise control standards include:

  • Amplified music from nightclubs
  • Loud stereos and TVs
  • Leaf blowers
  • Air conditioners and other equipment
  • Construction
  • Parking lot sweepers
  • Delivery noises
  • Use of power tools

A Noise Control Office has been established in the City Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) for enforcement of the Noise Control Ordinance.

  • Loud talking, screaming, yelling, doors slamming and vehicle noises are considered as disturbing the peace and are handled by the Police Department.

  • To report a noise disturbance which requires an immediate Police response dial 9-1-1.

  • To report a non-emergency noise disturbance, please call the Police at 435-6711.

  • To report airport noise, please call Airport Noise Abatement 570-2678.

For further information, please see How to File a Noise Complaint in the City of Long Beach or call 562/570-4126. A Noise Complaint Request Form (available at the Environmental Health Bureau, Room# 220) may be filled out and mailed/FAXed (562/570-4038) to the DHHS.

Per follow-up instructions, if the noise source continues to occur two weeks after registering the complaint, a Noise Complaint Form and Petition are to be filled out and sent to the DHHS.

Variances may be granted for exemption from provisions of the Noise Ordinance. A Noise Variance Application may be submitted for consideration by the City Noise Control Office.