Lead Program

Our goal is to control and prevent housing/environmental conditions, which result in childhood lead poisoning. This is accomplished by providing educational information to the public, coordination with the City agencies rehabilitating targeted high-risk affordable housing, investigation and early response to families of lead-poisoned children, enforcement of applicable laws, and response to community complaints.

Lead Program is responsible for:

1. Childhood Lead Poisoning Investigation and Outreach

  • Investigation of lead-poisoned children
  • Enforcement of environmental ordinances
  • Preventive outreach/education with families of lead-burdened children

2. HUD-Funded Grant Program

  • HUD funds are used, when available, to control lead-based paint hazards in pre-1940 affordable housing occupied by families with children aged 5 or younger in targeted high-risk areas of the City.
  • Housing that has been made lead-safe by HUD lead grant funding or other means is entered in the Lead-Safe Housing Directory.

3. Community Complaint Response, Education, and Outreach

  • Information/referral to lead-related questions provided to the public
  • Site investigation performed as needed
  • Group presentations
  • Educational materials provided to Long Beach residents

4. Services to Other Departments

  • Special lead inspection/sample testing as part of the Planning and Building Department sandblasting permit process
  • Lead inspection/risk assessment on City property and equipment, e.g. playground equipment, on request
  • Lead paint inspection, project design, monitoring, and final clearance testing services for other City housing programs, on request
Additional Resources:

Contact Us: For more information on Environmental Health Lead Program, please call (562) 570-8870.