Hazardous Materials Management

HazMat prevents employee, public and environmental exposure to hazardous materials and chemicals.
Routine, complaint and emergency response inspections are made in the following areas:

1. Long Beach's Unified Program Agency (CUPA)

  • Hazardous Waste Generator Inspection Program (Health)
  • Hazardous Materials Inspection/Business Plan Program (Fire)
  • Underground Storage Tank Program
    - Tank monitoring/Installs and Removals (Fire)
    - Site Mitigation (Health)
  • California Accidental Risk Prevention (CalARP) Program (Health)
  • Above Ground Storage Tank Spill Prevention Program (Health/Fire)

2. Health Hazardous Materials Emergency Response and Records Request

3. Medical Waste Generators

4. Household Hazardous Waste

5. Garment Manufacturers

An Environmental Health Specialist conducts an annual routine inspection of all businesses associated with the apparel manufacturing industry.These inspections are for compliance with occupational health requirements as authorized in the City Municipal Code section 8.26.100. There are approximately 50 licensed garment manufacturers in the City of Long Beach.

For further information, please call (562) 570-4147

6. Noise Monitoring

7. Body Art Regulations

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