Temporary Food Facilities

Each year, hundreds of community special events occur in various locations throughout the City of Long Beach. Community special events are those that are of a civic, political, public, or educational nature, including state and county fairs, city festivals, circuses, and other public gathering events approved by the City.

In order to protect public health, when food is sold or given away to the public at a community event, the City of Long Beach DHHS's Food Program requires all temporary food facility operators, and event organizers to obtain temporary health permits. A temporary food facility can only operate at a fixed location for a period of time not to exceed 25 consecutive or nonconsecutive days in any 90-day period in conjunction with a single, weekly, or monthly community event.

A temporary food facility permit must be obtained by the food vendor a minimum of one week before the event. An organizers permit must be obtained by the promoter a minimum of 2 weeks before the event. The operational requirements for food vendors and organizers are detailed in the document titled "City of Long Beach Temporary Food Facility Requirements."

Free training is provided on a monthly basis (April-Sept) for food vendors and organizers. The training details the items the health inspector checks, in addition to food handling, storage, & temperature requirements and food booth construction. Contact Claro Rufo at 562-570-4142 for a schedule.

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