Animal Control
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 Animal Rescue Organization Adoption Program Application Instructions (105.1 KB)
 Dog License Application (13 KB)
Environmental Health
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 Accredited Food Safety Exam (87.6 KB)
 Backflow - Certified Testers (77.2 KB)
 Backflow Assembly Test Report (274.1 KB)
 Barbecue Guidelinnes and Application (106.7 KB)
 Calcode 2012 Order Form (22.1 KB)
 Calcode December 2012 (920.5 KB)
 Cooking & Holding Temperatures Poster (570 KB)
 Cooling Techniques Poster (111.3 KB)
 Demolition Permit (67 KB)
 Farmers Market Application (495.1 KB)
 Food Facility Plan Check Application (57 KB)
 Food Facility Plan Check Guide (1.9 MB)
 Food Guide to Opening a Food Facility (531.6 KB)
 Food Handler Card 2011 (73.7 KB)
 Food Handler Card Exams (86.9 KB)
 Food Handler Card FAQs (592.7 KB)
 Food Handlers Guide (645.5 KB)
 Line Clearance Questionaire (92 KB)
 Medical Waste Questionaire (58.8 KB)
 Mobile Food Facility Route Sheet (174.2 KB)
 Noise - How to File a Complaint (76.9 KB)
 Noise Complaint Form (77.8 KB)
 Noise Variance Application (25.5 KB)
 Plan Check Moving (36 KB)
 Pool Cover Requirements (47.6 KB)
 Pool Plan Check Guide New Construction (882 KB)
 Pool Plan Check Guide Replaster (604.3 KB)
 Pool Plan Check Guide VGB Requirements (134 KB)
 Post Tank Removal Guidelines (67.2 KB)
 Rat Poison Release Form (106.7 KB)
 Site Characterization Guidelines & Permit Application (121.1 KB)
 Site Remediation Guidelines & Permit Application (73.3 KB)
 Special Event Food Truck Permit (180.3 KB)
 Swimming Pool Plan Check Application VGB Upgrade Only (40.5 KB)
 Swimming Pool Plan Check Requirements (302.6 KB)
 Temporary Food Facility Guidelines & Applications (875.6 KB)
 Temporary Food Facility Handwash Setup Example (101.8 KB)
 Temporary Food Facility Organizer Application (447.5 KB)
 Temporary Food Facility Sampling Requirements (203.5 KB)
 Temporary Food Facility Set-Up Checklist Oct 2012 (37.9 KB)
 Temporary Food Facility Training 2013 (59.8 KB)
 Temporary Food Facility Vendor Application (307.4 KB)
 Temporary Food Stand Set Up 11.5.12 (37.9 KB)
 Temporary Food Stand Training 2012 (75.1 KB)
 Well Permit Application (136 KB)
 Well Permit Fact Sheet (41 KB)
Public Health Nursing
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 African American Health Project Brochure (477.9 KB)
 Health Care for Children in Foster Care (295.1 KB)
 Healthcare for Children in Foster Care Referral Form (110.7 KB)
 Healthy Teeth (331.9 KB)
 Long Beach Senior Center (11 KB)
 Nursing Referral Form (30.8 KB)
 Prenatal Services and Medi-cal Assistance (26.2 KB)
 Public Health Nursing (73.8 KB)