Early Childhood Care Providers

Reopening Protocols and Tools for K-12 Schools

The State Public Health Officer requires all public and private schools (K-12) in counties in Tier 1 of the State’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy, including the County of Long Angeles and the City of Long Beach, to remain closed to in-person learning with the exception of the following:

  • Public and private K-12 schools may conduct distance learning.
  • Public and private K-12 schools are authorized to provide small-group, in-person services in controlled, supervised and indoor environments for specialized services, targeted services and support for students with disabilities, English learners, at-risk students, and high-need students for no more than 25% of maximum occupancy.
  • Public and private schools may also seek a waiver to operate in-person Transitional Kindergarten-2nd Grade (TK-2) classes only, as permitted by the Long Beach Health Officer.

TK-2 Waiver Process

Schools (K-12) that are permitted to reopen for in-person learning must follow the Reopening Protocols for K-12 Schools and the Protocol for COVID-19 Exposure Management Plan in K-12 Schools.

Additional forms and tools

Reopening Protocols for Institutes of Higher Education

The Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services is adopting a staged approach, supported by science and public health expertise, to limit activities permitted at Institutes of Higher Education until circumstances permit safe opening. Colleges and universities in Los Angeles County and in the City of Long Beach will not be able to resume all inperson academic instruction, at this time. Institutions may continue to offer in-person training and instruction for only for essential workforce whose required activities cannot be accomplished through virtual learning. All other academic instruction must continue to be done via distance-learning.

                             Granted School Waivers

Date Received School Name School District # of Students # of Classes Final Approval Waiver Application / Re-Opening Protocol
 10/7/20 St. Maria Goretti School N/A 69 6 10/19/20 St. Maria Goretti School 
 10/8/20 Bethany Lutheran School  N/A  60  10/19/20 Bethany Lutheran School 
 10/9/20 Los Altos Brethren School and Los Altos Grace School N/A  45 10/19/20 Los Altos Brethren School and Los Altos Grace School
10/12/20  Maple Village Waldorf School  N/A  36  10/19/20 Maple Village Waldorf School 
10/28/20 St. Joseph Elementary School N/A 135 14 10/28/20 St. Joseph Elementary School
10/30/20 St. Cornelius School N/A 76 8 11/9/20 St. Cornelius School
11/13/20 St. Cyprian Parish School N/A 72 7 11/30/20 St. Cyprian Parish School
11/16/20 Our Lady of Refuge School N/A 48 4 11/30/20 Lady of Refuge
11/16/20 Holy Innocents N/A 67 8 11/30/20 Holy Innocents