Family Planning

Family P.A.C.T. (Planning, Access, Care & Treatment)
The Family Planning Clinic is available to help you make the right choice to plan and have a healthy family. Services are available to men and women.

Services Offered Include:
· Information on sexuality, pregnancy planning, and HIV testing
· Pre-pregnancy planning
· Medical evaluation and exam
· Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases
· Birth control methods counseling

Birth Control Methods Available:

· Birth Control Pills
· Diaphragm Referrals
· Depo-Provera (the shot)
· Foam, Condoms and Film
· Paragard IUD and Mirena IUD
· Natural Family Planning (the rhythm method)
· Nuvaring

· Male Sterilization (Vasectomy) Referrals
· Female Sterilization (Bilateral Tubal Ligation) Referrals

To Qualify You Must:
· Meet Income Guidelines AND
· Have No Insurance or
· Have No Source of Family Planning Care or
· Require Confidential Services

Services are available free for all eligible men and women. Information is provided in a confidential setting by qualified professional staff.

For more information and an appointment, call (562) 570-4315.