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Owner Orientations and Presentations

New and existing owners are welcome to join us for workshops designed to provide landlords with information about Section 8 rules and regulations and various HACLB processes and procedures. Additionally, the HACLB will offer informational presentations to keep you informed and updated on the latest news pertinent to your business relationship with us and the City of Long Beach as a whole. Presentation topics will be updated on this page as more information becomes available.

Mark your calendar and plan to attend on:


Tuesday, January 15th, 12pm – 2pm, New Owner Orientation

Wednesday, February 20th, 4pm – 5pm, Presentation

Thursday, March 21th, 4pm – 6pm, New Owner Orientation

Tuesday, April 16th, 12pm – 1pm, Presentation

Wednesday, May 15th, 12pm – 2pm, New Owner Orientation

Thursday, June 20th, 4pm – 5pm, Presentation CANCELLED

Tuesday, July 16th, 4pm – 6pm, New Owner Orientation

Wednesday, August 21st, 12pm – 1pm, Presentation, CANCELLED

Thursday, September 19th, 12pm – 2pm, New Owner Orientation, CANCELLED

Tuesday, October 15th, 4pm – 5pm, Presentation

Wednesday, November 20th, 4pm – 6pm, New Owner Orientation

Thursday, December 19th, 12pm – 1pm, Presentation



  • Long Beach Housing Authority
  • 521 E. Fourth Street
  • Long Beach, CA 90802

Seating is limited, so please RSVP by calling Kari Faithful at (562) 570-6033.
Report program abuse. Call the Fraud Hotline at 562-570-SEC8 (7328).