Temporary Open Streets Toolkit

To aid busineses in the COVID-19 recovery, the City is looking to streamline temporary repurposing of the sidewalk and roadway for dining, customer queuing, and vehicle loading. The following toolkit provides a basic overview of options available for businesses to create temporary changes to the public right-of-way. Please click on each icon to see a detailed drawing with dimensions and traffic control requirements for each option. Please submit your open streets requests to your BID/BIA (if applicable) or via the interest form.

Vehicle Loading Sign
Transforms parking space (both metered and un-metered) into a 10-minute loading zone for quick food and retail pick up. See detailed drawing.


Parking Lane Occupancy
Transforms parking space(s) into outdoor dining, retail, or customer queueing space using water-filled K-rail. See detailed drawing.


Parking + Travel Lane Occupancy
Transforms both parking space(s) and travel lane into into an outdoor dining, retail, or customer queueing space using K-rail. May include adjacent temporary angled parking to mitigate parking impacts. See detailed drawing.


Sidewalk Occupancy
Transforms portion of sidewalk for dining while leaving clearance for pedestrians. For more information, please see the Chapter 2 of the City's Sidewalk Dining and Parklets Handbook.