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Neighborhood Open Street Interest Form

The purpose of the Neighborhood Open Streets program is to improve mobility opportunities within residential areas while providing additional space for physically distanced outdoor activities. This program increases pedestrian safety by limiting cut-through traffic.

Partial closures of low speed residential streets are to encourage physically-distanced walking, biking, and skating in the roadways. However, vehicle accessibility will still be available to and from residences for emergency responders, delivery drivers, and the neighborhood’s residents. On-street parking will also remain unchanged.

Please complete the form below if your neighborhood is interested in an Open Streets space. Completed forms will be reviewed by the Departments of Public Works, Fire, Police, and the Office of Special Events and Filming to determine if the requested location meets the safety requirements necessary for installation.

Program Requirements

  • Neighborhood Open Streets shall be implemented on non-major, residential streets only.
  • Streets are for biking, walking, scooting, wheelchair rolling, and other non-static physical activity. Open Streets are not areas for gathering or sharing meals.
  • Street sweeping remains in effect. Vehicles parked on the street will still be required to move during the street’s designated street sweeping no parking time zone.
  • Other than the City-provided traffic controls and legally parked vehicles, no objects shall be placed in the street. Failure to comply with this condition may result in the revocation of the Neighborhood Program approval for a given closure.