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Micro-Mobility Program (e-Scooters/E-Bikes)

Micro-Mobility Permit
On July 2, 2018, Long Beach launched a shared electric scooter (e-scooter) pilot program, providing the City’s residents and visitors with even more shared mobility options. On October 7th, the Department of Public Works Bureau of Transportation Mobility released the permit application seeking vendors to apply for participation in the program. For further information, please see the document, posted here.

Currently, the initial pilot program permits six operators to each deploy up to 300 e-scooters throughout the City. Each operator needs to maintain twenty percent of its fleet in each zone so that the City and residents have the opportunity to see how different operators do business in their areas. In February 2019, Council recommended continuing with a longer-term, more robust program. Below you'll find some frequently asked questions relating to using shared e-scooters in Long Beach.

E-Scooter Vendor Customer Service Phone Numbers:

Bird: (866) 205-2442
Lime: (888) 546-3345
Razor: (833) LAST-MILE
Spin: (888) 262-5189

Questions or comments on the program? Contact City of Long Beach: e-scootershare@longbeach.gov

  • Where can I ride an e-scooter?

    It is illegal for e-scooter users to ride on the sidewalk (CVC 21235g). Riders must use a bike lane whenever possible or ride in a vehicle travel lane on streets 25 MPH or under (CVC 21229 and CVC 21235b).

  • Which e-scooters companies operate in Long Beach?

    Bird, Lime, Razor, and Spin are participating in the pilot.

  • How much does it cost?

    Each vendor sets their own pricing, but most charge riders an initial fee with additional fees per minute. Please check the respectable e-scooter apps for more information before riding.

  • How fast do the e-scooters go?

    All vendors participating in the pilot are required to limit e-scooter speeds to 15mph. This is also mandated by California Vehicle Code 22411.

  • Can children ride e-scooters?

    No. Riders in Long Beach must be 18 years of age and in possession of a driver license per California Vehicle Code 21235d. Double riding is also illegal per CVC 21235 e.

  • Where can I park an e-scooter?

    Riders must park their scooters that won't to block pedestrian and wheelchair access. (CVC 21235i).

  • Can two people ride on one scooter?

    No. Only one person is allowed to ride a scooter at a time regardless of age (CVC 21235 e).

  • Do I need to wear a helmet?

    Helmets are always encouraged and can be provided free-of-charge per request from an operator. However, as of January 1, 2019, it is no longer mandatory to wear a helmet on an e-scooter in California.

  • Who Do I Contact If I Have Any Questions?

    Riders and residents are encouraged to email E-ScooterShare@longbeach.gov with any questions or issues about the overall program. Questions regarding billing, pricing, or equipment should be sent directly to the respective e-scooter vendor:

    Bird: (866) 205-2442
    Lime: (888) 546-3345
    Razor: (833) LAST-MILE
    Spin: (888) 262-5189