Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal Rich Brandt

The Long Beach Fire Prevention Bureau's objectives, organization, functions and responsibilities work towards the primary goal of preventing fires before they happen. This goal is achieved by assuring that newly constructed buildings are designed with correct fire protection and life safety systems built into them. Existing structures must meet fire code requirements and standards.

To insure this, the Code Enforcement Section performs annual inspections for compliance and issues permits for storage, use or handling of hazardous materials or hazardous activities.

The bureau also has the responsibility of enforcing state underground storage tank regulations and community Right-to-Know laws.

Guiding the overall program of prevention is common sense, economics and the desires of the community.

The Fire Prevention Bureau promotes all of the modern day resources available to it, and is continually training officers in all areas of prevention knowledge necessary to carry out an effective program.

The Fire Prevention Bureau works as a complete unit with a "fire marshal" in charge of the bureau's function.

The fire marshal is in charge of the various bureau sections and its captains; maintains community awareness through public relations; keeps a growing knowledge of the other City departments and their functions with relation to the bureau; and has authority over decision-making for the bureau.

The bureau is divided into sections by area of responsibility which include Public Education, New Construction/Plan Review, Harbor Area, Special Events, Underground Tank/HazMat, Code Enforcement, and Investigations.

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No Fireworks sign (including sparklers)

City of Long Beach Official Notice - Multilingual flyers
All Fireworks Are Dangerous
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Provide for a Safer Community
Residential Inspection Program and Fire Sprinkler Retrofit Alternative Ordinance

Preparing Your Community
For a Disaster

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has developed "Get Ready! Preparing Your Community For a Disaster" to help everyone prepare - before disaster strikes. Download fact sheets and handouts.

LBFD Requests
Are you interested in a fire prevention presentation or scheduling a public education fire engine display? Simply e-mail the details of your request to us with your contact information.
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Just for Long Beach Unified
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Building Blocks to Fire Safety Quiz
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Long Beach Fire Department Training Center
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