A Message from Disaster Management

As we reflect back on the events of 9/11, being prepared for any major emergency or disaster becomes even more important to all of us. Whether the event is an earthquake or an attack on our nation, it becomes more and more obvious that we must continue to be personally prepared for any situation. We are very fortunate that California continues to have one of the most progressive preparedness programs in the nation. However, that program does not benefit us unless we all make the effort to "be prepared."

If you have not already done so, now would be a very good time to prepare yourself and your family for any major emergency. You should truly consider being able to be self-sustaining for at least 72-hours. Some things that you need to consider keeping in your emergency kit are:

  • Emergency contact information for you and your family

  • Establish a connection point with a family member or friend who lives outside the State of California. Keep that number and all important numbers in your supply kit. Be sure to share the contact's phone number with everyone in the family.

  • Medical prescriptions and items such as a spare pair of glasses

  • Emergency food and water

  • Cash readily available (in small denominations)

  • A plan for your family

The Long Beach Fire Department and the Long Beach Chapter of the American Red Cross both have materials and training that can assist you in beginning your preparedness efforts. Consider taking classes or joining your local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program. Start now; what you learn may save your life, the lives of your loved ones, neighbors, and friends.

Personal and Business Preparedness

Below are additional links that will help you prepare:

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State of California Office of Emergency Services
Day of Preparedness, disaster planning for the public

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