Project Labor Agreement

A project specific project labor agreement (PLA) was approved for Phase I Improvements at the Airport Terminal on August 3, 2010 by City Council. Please click here for the City Council letter.

Phase I Improvements at the Airport Terminal will consists of a new concourse to accommodate the Airport’s existing three million passengers. It will include a new state-of-the art consolidated security screening area, a 34,760 sq. ft. boarding lounge with improved seating, concessions, and restrooms. Enhanced features include an atrium and a garden walkway. Improvements also include rehabilitation of the historic terminal, new interior and exterior paint, new furnishings, enhanced lighting, restoration of historic exhibits, modernizing infrastructure, and upgrading architectural features. City Council approved and awarded a contract for this project on December 21, 2010, please see the applicable staff report here. Please visit the Long Beach Airport website at for more information.

Under this agreement, all contractors, and subcontractors are required to comply with all the applicable laws, and regulations requiring the payment of prevailing wages and all contractors are to be bound to the agreement whether they are union or non-union.

The following are key points of this specific PLA:

  • 15% Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Participation Goal
  • 30% of total work hours to be performed by local residents
  • 10% of total work hours to be performed by qualified local, low-income residents (Section 3)
  • 15% new entrants into each apprentice or training program from the unions must be local low-income residents
  • No work stoppages

PLA Forms and Documents

For more information regarding the Project Labor Agreement, you may contact:

City of Long Beach
Business Relations Bureau
Patrice Martin (562) 570-6037

PLA Administrator
Padilla & Associates Inc.
Veronica Alvarez-Martinez (714) 973-1335