Application Fees & Forms

The following applications are currently being accepted by the City of Long Beach: 

Cannabis Cultivation Business License Application
Cannabis Manufacturing Business License Application
Cannabis Distribution Business License Application
Cannabis Testing Laboratory Business License Application
Cannabis Dispensary Business License Application (May be submitted only by current medical dispensary applicants and licensees)

Please visit the Cannabis Business License page for information about your specific business type.   

Applicants will be required to pay non-refundable application fees for each separate cannabis business license application. Fees may be paid by check or cash. Checks should be made payable to the "City of Long Beach". Credit cards will not be accepted. 

Adult-Use Cannabis License Fees

The following fees are for all adult-use applications including new applications, major transfers of ownership, and change of address applications. 

Fee Description Fee Amount
Adult-Use Cannabis Annual Regulatory Fee* $2,946
Adult-Use Cannabis Application Review Fee* $394
Adult-Use Cannabis Social Equity Program Fee* $2,500
Adult-Use Cannabis Background Investigation Fee*  $155 per owner
Building Review Fee  $23.30
Zoning Review Fee $34.25
Total (for application with one owner) $6,052.55

*Fees marked with an asterisk are waived for Equity Businesses

Medical Cannabis License Fees

Medical cannabis application fees are based upon the number of owners and business managers listed on the application. 

# of Owners and Business Managers Application Fees
1 $212.55
2 $367.55
3 $522.55
4 $677.55
5 $832.55
6 $987.55

Transfer of Ownership Application Fees

Type of Application Fee Amount
Minor Transfer of Ownership $223.00
Major Transfer of Ownership Cost of Application Fees Above

Modification of Premises Fees

The cost to submit a Modification of Premises application is $104.00 per application. Payments can be made by check or cash. 

A complete list and description of all the City's fees can be found in the Master Fees and Charges Schedule