City Charter Mandated Budget Process

As of May 1, 2007 voters chose to change the City Charter to increase the length of time the Mayor has to review the Budget as well as give the Mayor a line-item veto of the City Council's Adopted Budget.

The City Manager's Proposed Budget is presented by the City Manager to the Mayor by July 1, and the Mayor releases the City Manager's Proposed Budget with his recommendations to the City Council by August 1. The City Council then has 45 days to adopt the City Manager's Proposed Budget, as amended, on or before September 15.

The Mayor has five days to excercise the line-item veto, and to return the Budget to the City Council with any recommended service reductions. The City Council then has until September 30 (the last day of the fiscal year) to overide the veto or adopt the Budget as amended by the Mayor. The Adopted Budget is published by January 15.

Schedule of Workshops & Hearings for FY09

Mayor's Budget Recommendations

FY 09 Proposed Capital Improvement Projects

Fiscal Year 2009 Proposed Budget - (in 27 sections)

Preface and City Managerís Proposed Budget Message with Attachment,
Understanding the City's Budget (Demographics, Budget Process, General Fund Revenue, Debt Management),
Performance Management, Financial Strategic Plan, Budget Summaries(by department, personnel, and fund)

Budgets by Department:

Mayor and City Council,
City Attorney,City Auditor,
City Clerk,
City Manager
City Prosecutor
Civil Service
Community Development
Development Services
Financial Management,
Health and Human Services
Human Resources
Library Services,
Long Beach Gas & Oil,
Parks, Recreation and Marine,
Public Works
Technology Services

Fund Summaries (General, Special, Internal, Tidelands, Enterprise, Agency, Capital Improvement Plan),
Appendices (Master Fee List, Glossary, Acronyms, Index, Acknowledgements)