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Does the Fire Department have any recommendations on how to recharge residential fire extinguishers?
We recommend that you consult the yellow pages and hire a qualified fire extinguisher company to "service" your portable fire extinguishers. (required annually for businesses and apartment owners).

Do you take donations for disaster victims?
The City does not accept disaster donations. Contact your local American Red Cross or visit

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How do I become a Firefighter?

For information on how to become a Firefighter with the City of Long Beach Fire Department, please choose one of the following links....

Civil Service Firefighter Information

Fire Department Firefighter Information

How do I obtain a bicycle license?

Pursuant to City Council action earlier in 2011, effective immediately the City is no longer issuing bicycle licenses. City Council adopted a new voluntary online bicycle registration process. 

The online registry will allow residents and bicycle shops to register online, a visit to a fire station is NOT required. The registry also allows police departments in other cities to track down an owner of a bicycle from Long Beach, should the stolen bike be recovered. Finally, unlike the City's past registration process, a person may not re-register a bike (perhaps stolen) that has already been registered under a particular serial number, thus protecting an owner in the event their bike is stolen.

You may utilize a voluntary bicycle registration system such as the National Bike Registry. Contact information for this registry is:

(800) 848-2453

I need to obtain a fire or first aide report from the Fire Department
To obtain a fire or first aide report in person, please come to the Fire Department's HeadQuarters at:
3205 Lakewood Blvd.
Long Beach
Ca 90808

Phone:(562) 570-2500

Long Beach Fire Department Headquarters

What are the Fire Department's Fees and Charges?
For Fire Department Fees and Charges please visit the following link... 

City Fees and Charges info screen

Where do I find out about CERT training?

Visit our CERT website at for information. 

Long Beach CERT

Why are Firefighters at the market?
Firefighters work  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and need to be available at a moments notice. They shop everyday for food and supplies, with their own money, because they eat their meals at the station. Since Firefighters never know when they will receive an emergency call for service they always have to be close to their apparatus. This prevents any unnecessary delays in responding to the emergency needs of the citizens.

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